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Web Site Design with CSS

Welcome to Allen Leigh's site on learning how to design web sites using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This site presents basic concepts in the design of static, second-generation web sites using the advanced concept of CSS. Mastery of these design concepts will give you the foundation you need to go into other advanced topics such as PHP and Flash. Those who choose to not learn the CSS portion of this site can learn the older style of web page design by studying the pages in the Not Using CSS section.

Feel free to make an in-depth study of the site to learn new design skills, or to just browse through the site to pick up tid-bits of information to refresh your website design skills.

This site can be used as an online course in basic web design, but there is no support given to those who use the site. For additional information about using the site as an online course, see the Distance Learning section.

If you would like a simplified tutorial on creating web pages, go to Creating Web Pages

For easier navigation through this site, use the Site Map.

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