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 This page contains links to related sites on the design and marketing of web sites. In addition, there are many links imbedded in the pages of this site.


bulletBarnes & Noble

Browser Compatibility

bulletCompatibility across various Browsers
bulletMore Real World Cross-Browser HTML
bulletWeb Page Backward Compatibility Viewer

Hard Drive Backups

bulletGet Free Hard Disk Backups

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

bulletBrowser Support of CSS
bulletCascading Style Sheets
bulletCascading Style Sheets (different site)
bulletCover Your Tables with Style Sheets
bulletCSS Links
bulletCSS Tutorial
bulletCSS Tutorial (a different tutorial)
bulletThe Complete CSS Guide
bulletW3C Schools

CGI Scripts

bulletMatt's Script Archives

Character Sets

bulletSpeaking in CharSets


bulletColor it effective: How color influences the user
bulletColor My World
bulletThe World of Color
bulletText and Background
bulletWhich Color Palette?


bulletA Brief Intro to Copyright
bullet Digital Millennium Copyright Act
bulletFair Use in a Nutshell
bulletThe Copyright Website
bullet10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained


bulletDo I Need DHTML?

Domain Names

bulletAccredited Registrar Directory
bulletGet the Most From Your Domain Name


bulletMore About Frames
bulletSharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial
bulletWhat's Wrong With Frames?

Free Tools

bulletAlx' Free Web Polls
bulletAtomz: Free Search Capabilities for Sites
bulleteXTReMe Tracking Web Site Statistics
bulletGetFreeBB (free bulletin board or discussion forum) Free Message Boards
bulletWebStat Web Site Statistics
bulletWebware: Free Web Design/CSS Courses

Free Newsletters

bulletHigh [Search Engine] Rankings
bulletSearch Engine Report/Search Engine Update
bulletSearch Engine News
bulletSearch Engine Report Newsletter
bulletThe Search Light
bulletWebmaster Tips

Free Web Space

bulletHosting Your Site

Graphics Design

bulletFree Art Site
bulletThe Care and Feeding of PNG
bulletWeb Pages That Suck

Graphics Editors

bulletAdobe Photoshop Elements
bulletGif Construction Set
bulletGif Works (free online editor)
bulletLView Pro
bulletPaint Shop Pro

Hosting & Domains



bulletA Beginner's Guide to HTML
bulletHTML Goodies
bulletMake a Web Page
bulletUnpredictable Column Widths
bulletWeb Design/HTML

HTML/XHTML Text Editors

bullet1st Page 2006 (free)
bulletCrimson (free)

XHTML Validation

bulletW3C HTML Validation Service
bulletWDG HTML Validator

XHTML Organizations

bulletHTML Writers Guild


bulletFun with the Referrer Property
bulletJava Boutique
bulletJava Tutorial
bulletThe Java Script Source

Meta Tags

bulletMeta Tags (Back to Basics)
bulletSome Meta Tags Don't Work


bulletPerl Articles

Search Engines

bulletChecking Your Listing in Search Engines
bulletCloaking Is Always a Bad Idea
bulletSearch Engine Optimization
bulletDoorways, Mirrors, and Duplicate Sites
bulletFinding Free Niche Directories
bulletHow Search Engines Rank Web Pages
bulletSearch Engine Marketing Issues
bulletHTML 4.01 Specification for robots.txt (click on Table of Contents & search for word "robot")
bulletIncrease Search Engine Rank With Link Popularity
bulletLink Analysis
bulletLinking 101
bulletLink Building
bulletLink Popularity
bulletLinks are all about Reputation
bulletLinks are good for Business
bulletMake Friends with Competing Search Engine Links
bulletMeasuring Link Popularity
bulletMedia Kit Linking Campaigns
bulletMetadata or Metagarbage?
bulletMETA Search or META Ads?
bulletNo Quick Fixes Where Search Engine Optimization is Concerned
bulletPage Rank Mania
bulletSearch Engines Like Ugly Pages
bulletSearch Engine Lingo
bulletSearch Engine Optimization
bulletSearch Engine Optimization FREE
bulletSearch Engine Placement Tips
bulletSearch Engine Optimization Tools
bulletSearch Engine Optimization and the Bottom-Line
bulletSearch Engine Positioning
bulletSearch Engine Ratings and Reviews
bulletSearch Engine Statistics
bulletSearch Engine Watch
bulletStatistics for Traffic Referred by Search Engines
bulletTen Things You Need to Know about Linking and Link Popularity
bulletTen Tips to the Top of Search Engines
bulletThe Nitty Gritty of Writing for the Search Engines
bulletThinking of Creating Gateway or Doorway Pages?
bulletTop 10 Reasons Why You Aren't In The Search Engines
bulletWeb Page Design Solutions
bulletWeb Searching Tips

Web Hosting

bulletWeb Hosting Stuff
bulletWeb Site Moving Day


Web Site Accessibility

bulletBobby: Web Page Evaluation
bulletDesigning Accessible Tables Part 1

Web Site Design

bullet9 things not to have on your Web Site
bulletAll About Title Tags
bulletAvoid Dead End Pages
bulletBad Design
bulletBuild Print-Friendly Pages
bulletCan Meta tags such as the keyword tag bring high rankings to my site?
bulletCreating a Meta Description Tag
bulletCreate It - 101
bulletCreating Your Own Web Page
bulletCreating Web Pages
bulletCulturally Correct Site Design
bulletDesigning for Different Resolutions
bulletDesigning for the Multiple Personalities of Users
bulletGive Me My Web Space
bulletMeta Refresh and Search Engines
bulletMicrocontent: Headlines, Page Titles, Subject Lines
bulletPage Headers and Footers
bulletPageRank Mania
bulletPerfecting Your Personas
bulletPiecing together the Web page puzzle: Layout best practices
bulletProtect Your Email Address
bulletReplace Gifs with Colored Table Cells
bulletStructure Documents with Header Tags
bulletSizing up the Browsers -- Canvas Size
bulletThe Top Ten Reasons Visitors Leave Your Site
bulletUsable Web
bulletUsing Language to Persuade Web Audiences
bulletWeb Pages That Suck
bulletWhat is Content? Part I
bulletWhat is Content? Part II

Web Site Improvement

bulletHyperMart Web Tools

Web Site Promotion/Marketing

bulletLarry Chase's Web Digest For Marketers
bulletMarketing by Design
bulletTen Reasons Your Site Isn't Selling


bulletAdobe GoLive (30 day free trial)
bulletDreamweaver MX (30 day free trial)  
bulletFrontPage 2003 (free online evaluation, no download)
bulletFile Maker (30 day free trial)
bulletNetObjects Fusion (30 day free trial)


bulletXML From the Inside Out

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