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Welcome to Allen Leigh's site on web-site design. You are welcome to use the site as a self-study "course". In this case you do not enroll in the course and you do not receive college credit or continuing study points for your work.

In using the course for self-study, you can systematically study the pages in the order they are given in the Site Map and gain a good understanding of basic design techniques, or you can browse the site and focus on the concepts that are of interest to you.

Follow Your Own Pace

Since you will using this web site for self-study, you are able to complete the course at your own pace of learning.

Get a Critique From the Pros

As a self-study student, you do not have contact with me or other instructors. You are "on your own", so to speak. However, there is a sources of help that is available to you. You can become a member of the HTML Writers Guild. This will allow you to subscribe to the HWG - Critique e-mail list, a list that provides critiques of web sites. You can complete this course at your own pace and then, when your site is finished, ask the Critique members for feedback about your site. However, before you submit your site for a critique, study previous critiques so your site doesn't have the same mistakes as sites previously critiqued.

Tuition-based Online Classes

If you would like to take online classes in web design that charge a modest tuition, check out the courses offered by the Guild. Click on the SERVICES link. In addition, there are many universities that have online courses.

Go for It!

Again, welcome to the site. For easier navigation through the site, use the Site Map. For a simplified introduction to designing web pages, go to Creating Web Pages.

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