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 The rankings given by search services are affected by the text within your pages, especially your home page. In addition, not all search services use meta tags to obtain descriptions of your pages. Some services create descriptions from the text of the pages. Thus, to obtain higher rankings and to insure that your search descriptions are accurate, follow the following suggestions.

bulletUse the home page to provide a concise and accurate introduction to the theme of the site.

bulletKeep the home page short by placing on subordinate pages information not pertaining to the introduction of the theme. Short pages may receive higher rankings from the search services. In addition, short pages load faster. Some web designers recommend that web pages have at least 250 words so search services have enough text to analyze for keywords.

bulletPlace the most important sentences at the top of each page. The top of the page may be more likely to be read by visitors and may be given higher priority by the search services.
bulletWrite your page text to have real meaning to your visitors. Page content is king in optimizing web pages. Place the most important keywords throughout the text in each page, especially the top half of the page, but be sure that the keywords fit within the context of their page. That is, do not stuff irrelevant words in your pages in attempts to increase your search ratings. Doing so will dilute your pages, giving you lower ratings, and may cause your pages to be removed from the search services.

bulletBe sure your keywords are relevant to the pages in which they are used.

bulletOrganize your pages into subtopics and use "headers" (the XHTML <h> elements) to "announce" each subtopic. Use color and font changes to cause the headers to stand out from the text in the subtopic. The headers will help your visitors navigate through each page, and they may help you to get higher rankings from search services.

bulletWrite text that encourages your visitors to perform an action. Examples are: "Send for our free newsletter"  "Click here"  "Register now!"

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