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 Each web page should have an XHTML title that describes the page. This title appears in the title-bar of browsers. It also appears as the name of the link in search results.

 The title is entered into some WYSIWYG editors by right clicking on the page background and selecting Page Properties, and then entering the title in the Title field. The generated XHTML element is placed inside the page header.

<title>Camping the Scouting Way, tents, backpacking, bsa</title>

Source Of Keywords For Searches

 In addition to identifying the page for browser windows and Internet searches, the title is used by all search services as a source of keywords, and these keywords are usually given the highest priority. Thus, a few of the most important keywords for a page should be included in the title, ordered in importance from left to right.

Each Page Has A Title

 Each web page should have its own unique title element. This will help your visitors learn what your pages can do for them, and it will increase the probability of Internet searches finding individual pages in your site and placing them close to the front of the results.

Alphabetical Search Results

 A few search services alphabetize their search results. Because of this, some web designers attach letters or punctuation characters to the front of their titles to make their sites appear at the front of the results. For example, if I were to do that with a site, I might use the following as the title of the home page.

<title>AAA Camping the Scouting Way, tents, backpacking, bsa</title>

I don't recommend this practice, because it makes the titles hard to read. In addition, most search services don't alphabetize results.

To learn more about page titles and their importance, read the following article.

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